in the mood for: puffy, white clouds

moodCLoudback when i did the challenge post, my neighbor suggested trying a room with clouds. big white fluffy clouds. the sky’s the limit, right?

1. sten cloud floor lamp: $981 from interior deluxe.
2. south shore sparkling double six-drawer dresser: $194.03 from wayfair.
3. trimaran stripe light blue/ivory rug: $138 from dash and albert.
4. head in the clouds pillow: $19 from land of nod.
5. white tissue paper pom poms: diy
6. moon globe: $64.99 from brookstone.**
7. every cloud framed print by secret garden photography: $36 from society6.
8. 50″ aurora “beauchamp” bear (soooo big!): $165 from sears.**
9. white ottoman pouf: $49.95 from koehler home decor.
10. cloud bamboo crib sheet: $36 from serena and lily.
11. jenny lind white crib: $169 from (painted soft aqua).
12. clouds birth announcement print: $18 from etsy seller polkaprints.

and there you have it—your silver linings play-by-playbook.

** = local atlanta store.


in the mood for: london, baby

moodLondonBabymy husband’s passport came in the mail today and that made me realize two things—1) my passport is expired, and 2) alex and max, my littles, do not have passports. this means only tripper can travel out of the country, which is totally not fair. we need to fix that.

in the meantime, let’s pretend we’re in the land of fish and chips and make a room! fun!!

1. medium red-framed gallery print “‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello!” by monster riot: $82 from society 6.
2. mini red-framed gallery print “the beatles” by peero: $36 from society 6.
3. adirondack sisal area rug in beige: $149 from home decorators collection.**
4. union jack burlap pouf ottoman: $104.99 from overstock.
5. corgi vintage austin london die cast taxi: $24.95 from ebay seller rpmdtm.
6. medium red-framed gallery print “her majesty’s guards” by moster riot: $82 from society 7. locker dresser: $999 from pb teen.**
8. large red-framed gallery print “london traffic” by peter donnelly illustration: $132 from society 6.
9. large red-framed gallery print “london” by chay lazaro: $123 from society 6.
10. parker leather headboard: $749 from rh baby & child.**
11. chambray/red sheet set: $130 from serena and lily.
12. quilted percale london coverlet: $199 from cuddledown.
13. gray 70% virgin wool military blanket: $24.99 from military uniform supply.
14. strap-storage side table stool: $249 from cb2.**
15. coastline table lamp: $149 from land of nod.
16. london telephone booth media cabinet: $83.79 from wal*mart.**
17. dehavilland d.h.82 tiger moth raf yellow model airplane: $159 from wmj marine.
18. changing of the guards harrod’s brown bear: $8.99 from ebay seller hiddntreasures101.

there are so many great pieces of london-themed art out there, i had a hard time choosing. so i went with a gallery wall with red frames. no reason to limit yourself! and with that much art on the wall, it’s almost like we were there, right? fun accent? check. london guard? check. double decker bus? check. red telephone booth? check. the beatles? of course!

so, what did i miss?


in the mood for: fresh watermelon

moodWatermeloni never realized how preppy watermelon was until making this mood board. what could be better than shades of red and pink with a pop of green for a cute, little girl??

1. melone girl extra large gallery print by robert farkas: $52 from society 6.
2. myhaven stationary slat crib: $ call for price from koo koo bear kids.**
3. plush watermelon: $19 from etsy seller winterpetals.
4. pink magic carpet rug: $99 from land of nod.
5. orange dot fitted crib sheet: $29 from land of nod.
6. pink crib blanket: $49 from land of nod.
7. shades of pink tissue paper pom poms: diy
8. green gumdrop table lamp: $99 from land of nod.
9. los angeles map/custom family sign: $25 from paperfinchdesign.**
10. hand-painted vintage up-cycled green numbers chest of drawers: $345 from etsy seller meredithmbrooks.
11. floppy-eared shag hare: $15 from baby braithwaite. **

so, what about you? are you a fan of preppy? how about watermelon? seen any other items that would make this room? i’d love it if you’d share!

** = local atlanta store.

mother’s helper: barb christensen

you know those times when you’re adoringly gazing at your littles doing something clever or cute or silly and you think to yourself that you so wish you had brought your camera and then you realize that you have your iphone so you whip it out and take a shot and discover it’s like the best picture in the history of kids pictures and you’re so super excited and then that excitement fades because you realize that the image isn’t going to be printable and you now can’t frame it and hang it in a prominent spot in your house so that all your friends who come to visit will oooh and aaah at the cuteness of your kids and your perfect timing and your amazing photography skills?

well. have i got news for you! meet barb christensen. she is the master manipulator of photographs. she can turn an iphone snapshot into a frame-worthy masterpiece. don’t like the scenery? she can fix that. wish your brother had been there? she can fix that, too. discover a photo-bomber in the background? gone. and she does it all in a painterly fashion that would make norman rockwell scream, “now that’s americana!!”

just take a look at what she recently did for me. amazing.


i sent her a small, low-quality digital file straight from my iphone and she turned it into a family heirloom. my tiny snapshot taken on the way to the pool is now a glorious 16×20″ print (at the beach!!) and i love every single inch of it. i bet you’re thinking it cost a fortune, right? wrong. her prices are very reasonable. and she is very personable. i so enjoyed working with her.

thank you, barb christensen, for being a true mother’s helper. my heart is full.

round up: wellies!

it has been raining cats and dogs here in atlanta for DAYS. how about a nice page of wellies to cheer you up? rain boots should be fun, don’tcha think? so here are some sunshiney colors and just plain silliness to battle the gray and brighten your day.


1. cherokee uta rain boots, navy dot with red ribbon: $22.99
2. western chief kids monster party rain boot: $26
3. bogs kids glosh solids: $49.99 (in many colors)
4. crocs kids handle it rain boot: $35 (in many colors)
5. hunter kids young hunter original: $75 (in many colors)
6. sorel kids tivoli: $62.99
7. tommy hilfiger kids rain boot rugby: $35.99
8. superfit rocket: $44.99 (in many colors)
9. western chief kids ladybug rain boot: $29.95

if those don’t turn that rainy day frown upside down, i’ll buy you an ice cream.

in the mood for: navy and green



my sister-in-law, i’m happy to announce, is expecting a little boy in may!! she is loving navy blue and green for the nursery. here is one way that could play out.

1. green tree limb mobile: $120 from etsy seller fisch tale designs.
2. ducduc parker six-drawer dresser in green: $1,975 from allmodern.
3. boris pentapod cotton monster: $48 from etsy seller cotton monster.
4. orange upholstered luca glider (not navy or green, i know—but!!): $995 from land of nod.
5. 50″ aurora “beauchamp” bear (soooo big!): $165 from sears.**
6. adirondack sisal area rug in beige: $149 from home decorators collection.**
7. blue crab crib sheet: $36 from serena and lily.
8. james crib bumper: $188 from serena and lily.
9. spot on square eicho crib: $595 from allmodern.
10. checkmate floor base (green) lamp: $149 from land of nod.
11. the tree muncher framed art: $82 from society6.
12. vintage boy scout flag: $95 from threepotatofour.

i can’t wait to see what she pulls together for my little nephew. and i really can’t wait to meet him!! is it spring yet?? how ’bout now?

** = local atlanta store.

mother’s helper: hoohobbers backpack-style diaper bag


when the boys were tiny, i had an incredibly cute diaper bag. it was navy and canvas with red piping. the inside was lined with navy and white stripes. even the changing pad was navy and white stripes with red piping. it was adorable. and it almost killed alex.

how? well, the ONE time i used it we were visiting the doctor’s office. both newborn boys were on the floor in their car carriers while i rocked them calm with my feet. when the doctor called us, i slung the diaper bag over my shoulder. i leaned down to grab the car carriers and my bag, the one over stuffed with everything under the sun, suddenly, viciously jumped off my shoulder and thunked alex right in the face.

at that point i knew. i needed a backpack-style diaper bag. one that stayed put and wouldn’t harm my babies. plus, having the extra hands was a huge help. genius, in fact. ours was boring and black. but these from hoohobbers are delightful! and the name is hilarious. they come in all sorts of super cute patterns—a style for everyone.

so, i clap for you, hoohobbers (because with two hands free i can!!) and say thank you for being a mother’s helper.

hoohobbers backpack diaper bags: $78 at rosenberry rooms.